…And so it begins.

It’s January, traditionally the time where we feel the need to make ourselves as miserable as possible.  As if the lack of funds and freezing weather aren’t enough.  I say freezing, it’s sunny outside.  I never get anything right.

Anyhoo, my idea to make myself as miserable as possible was to give up buying clothes until my birthday (a mere 6 months away).  You may think that this is a frivolous, shallow thing to give up.  And you’d be right.  But, my wardrobe is full, my 2 chests of drawers are full, the crates under my bed are full, as is the space under my desk, my bedside drawer, and half of my bedroom floor.  Yes, my bedroom is the smallest in the house, and YES, I did lie about having a bedside drawer, but the point is, I have too many clothes, and I still can’t stop buying them.

I’ve tried cutting back, I’ve tried having a clear out, I’ve tried stealing my sister’s clothes instead of buying more (she’s 7 inches taller than me and 2 sizes smaller, with hindsight, that one was always going to end badly), so I’m giving it all up. 

I’ve used the ‘but I have vouchers’ excuse, the ‘I have money left in my overdraft, it would be rude not to spend it’ excuse, and, my personal favourite – ‘The sales are on, I’m helping the economy avoid a double-dip recession!’ but, alas, all of these are no longer true (especially the still having money in my overdraft one).  Now is the time to quit.

As for the rules – what about if there’s a freak accident and I lose all my knickers?  I will have to fashion some out of old dusters.  Holes in all of my pairs of tights?  I have to go bare-legged (I read somewhere about wartime practices of using gravy and eyeliner.  It’s a thought).  Trousers falling down because they’re too big (yes, that’s right, I’ve decided to start going to the gym too.  Because I eat too many biscuits.)?  Well, the girls in my office will have to create some sort of kitty to buy me some new ones, or I’m going into work in my knickers/dusters.  Or I’ll have to eat more biscuits.

So, this is it.  My first Saturday in a long time where I haven’t listened to The Boy sigh resignedly and ask ‘So where are we shopping today?’  The question is, will I go mad on make up instead?  Bonkers about beauty essentials?  Or, will I do as I intend, and actually save money?  I have a bad feeling about the make up.


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