Week One and All’s Well…ish.

So, one week in, and I’ve managed to resist the temptation to buy any new clothes, despite temptation in the form of multiple emails reminding me that ‘stocks are limited’, that there is now ‘An extra 10% off ALL sale!’, and let’s not forget, my personal favourite, ‘Special discount code, especially for you!’

I refuse to believe that I spend so much money with one online retailer that they feel the need to give me my own discount codes.  Although, looking through my wardrobe…no.  It’s just not true.

Before I congratulate myself too much (and believe me, I need no encouragement to do to do so), I have to remember that I haven’t been to the gym once this week.  On Tuesday morning, my trainers looked at me from under my bed, where they’re slowly gathering dust and biscuit crumbs, and guilt swept over me, (in the same way that I imagine it sweeps over romantic heroines.  I read a lot.) but I had to harden my heart.  It wasn’t that hard, we’re not the best of friends, me and my trainers (and, if I’m honest, I only bought them because The Boy dragged me into a sports shop and I had to buy something…).

And that bad feeling that I had about the make up?  Totally justified.  I’ve bought 2 lots of make up in one week.  And when I say 2 lots, I mean LOTS, not just a mascara and a lipstick.  But I need a hobby now that I don’t spend every weekend in various retail establishments around the county, and it may as well be experimenting with eyelashes.  And blusher.  And eyeliner.  Do you know how much make up there is around these days?  Highlighters, High Definition Powders, Nail Art…It could take me 6 months just to work my way around it all…


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