But I really, reaaaaally want it!

This week, I have mostly been acting like a small child, stamping my feet, slamming doors and generally being a complete whinge.  (I do apologise for besmirching the name of small children – I’ve met some lovely ones, but I’m told that behind closed doors, tantrums of this nature are not unknown.  Although, I remember acting like that as a teenager.  Maybe I was a late developer?)

The cause of all the teenage angst/sulky toddler shenanigans?  A dress.  But not just any dress.  THE dress.  No, that sounds like I’m talking about a wedding dress – I retract that statement.  Just A Very Pretty Dress.  (Note the capitalisation – it’s that pretty.)  It’s red, and it’s from Zara, and I NEED IT! 

Luckily, Frankie from The Saturdays has been seen out in it, so consequently, the red version has completely sold out.  I say lucky, because I have been known to attempt to squeeze myself into an 8 (even though I’m definitely a 12, probably more of a 14), if that’s all that is available to me.  Unluckily, the beige and black versions are just as Pretty, so I’ve spend many an hour looking at the Zara website and biting my knuckles, whimpering (I tried sitting on my hands to stop myself clicking to buy, but that made doing anything at all rather tricky). 

I’ve begged parents, friends, casual acquaintances, strangers in the street, but nothing.  I’m doing nice things for family members, just in case they utter the words ‘If there’s anything I can do to repay you…’ but nothing.  I asked my sister if I could accidentally give her £40, could she accidentally buy the dress in my size, leaving a penny ‘change’ in the pocket?  No, apparently she can’t.  She’s gone all crusadey and has decided that this experiment is a good thing for me and the pain that I’m experiencing is making me a better person.  She’s wrong – it’s making me an angrier person.

Something that I probably should have mentioned earlier is that I have a lovely, fabulous friend who works in fashion.  As well as the dress, I have been falling steadily in love with a cardie that her company makes.  It has sparkly bits and everything – although it wasn’t instant like it was with the dress, the cardie has worked its way under my skin, and I now covet it with undisguised clothes lust.  It’s not dignified, or indeed, pleasant. 

My lovely, fabulous friend understands my pain (either that or she was just keen to stop my whining before I really got going), and she sent me a cardigan, as a ‘late Christmas present’.  She’s now elevated to Lovely, Fabulous, Amazing Friend (note the capitalisation – she’s that Fabulous). 

Now just to find something to do to distract me from the dress…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rea
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 22:29:43

    I hate to rub salt into the wound but I bought the red ‘Frankie’ dress today – my bad!!! I had to have it though!xx


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