Things that I have learned today….

Number 1;

The Welsh word for shopping is siopa (pronounced ‘shopa’) – many thanks to the Fabulous One for extending my vocabulary.

Number 2;

The last thing that I searched for in Google was ‘types of cheese’ (I’m not odd or anything, I’m just having a cheese-related ‘pun off’ with the Bestie.  I think I’m winning, after asking if we were ‘Stilt-on for Friday’.)

Number 3;

I work with some of the best people in the whole world.

It’s not that this is an entirely new realisation – in fact, quite often I’ll find myself thinking ‘oh, she’s nice’ or ‘he just did a really lovely thing for me’, but it was today that I realised that, as a group, they’re really rather wonderful.

As it’s Darling Sister’s birthday tomorrow, and mine on Friday, I’ve booked the next 2 days off work, for birthday related funnery.  Instead of whinging about this, they very nicely decorated my desk (thank you Jiminy), told me that the food that I’d made (sausage rolls and various cake related goods) was lovely (either they were lying to save my feelings, or they really did like it – either way, it was very nice of them) and they also bought me lots of very pretty presents (including a maxi dress that I’m itching to put on.  In fact, Itried it on, and I had to be told to take it off so that I didn’t ruin it.  It sort of took me back to being 6 and trying to wear my ‘best’ clothes whilst digging up rose bushes with Darling Sister and the Bestie).

I’m also not just saying that they’re nice because they bought me things (I hardly ever like people solely for that reason).  It was the effort that everyone went to – one of the girls (A Marvellous [nearly] Married) has obviously been listening to everything that I’ve said I liked for the last 6 months whilst reading magazines at lunchtime, as most of the items made their way into my Prada carrier bag (this was genius – a Primark bag, with ‘Prada’ written on pieces of paper and stuck to it – I may use it as my gym bag until it disintegrates), before going into town with another of the Lovely Girls to buy things (having done that during a lunch break, I know that it’s not pleasant).

People kept coming in to say Happy Birthday, which was lovely (I also got 2 birthday songs via email, which was just brilliant), and even though I felt very, very bad for making one of my work colleagues cry (with last night’s blog, I didn’t pinch her or anything), she also told me how much she enjoys my writing (as did several other people).

I felt very, very special, which hasn’t happened in a very  long time on my birthday in the workplace (or has possibly never happened, although my lovely Reception Girls used to buy me flowers, which was nice).  So, for those of you that do read my blog, thank you very much for a brilliant day, it was very much appreciated and meant a lot.  And please can you pass this on to those who don’t have access to email?  I mean, blog.  For those who don’t have access to my blog…



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