That’s all folks…?

So, that’s it, I’m done.

Apologies for the very late post, but I was suffering from an awful bout of food poisoning yesterday (it must have been the cranberry juice that I drank on Saturday night.  Unless it was the ice…)

So, Friday was taken up with a surprise visit to Cadbury World (the Bestie knows me really rather well), but just before that, Darling Sister and The Bestie decided to attempt to give me heart failure (they tried the same thing last year – I’m beginning to spot a pattern emerging), by sneaking The Boy into the kitchen when I wasn’t looking, so I walked in to find him sitting at the table.  And I screamed.  Because I was surprised, not because he has a scary face or anything.  Whilst driving through Birmingham (Cadbury World is just outside it.  I think), I was told to put my cardigan over my head (The Bestie surprises me with a trip every year, and I always have to hide my face as soon as she sees a sign for where we’re going) – it’s a rather large black cardigan, so it looked like I was being kidnapped.  Which was nice. 

Highlights of the day included The Bestie creating domestic disharmony for the family in front – whilst waiting in a queue for the ride (very cool train ride thing, most probably aimed at 8 year olds), she took out the Dairy Milk bar that a nice Cadbury’s employee gave her, and, you know, started eating it.  The small child in front decided that he also wanted some chocolate, right at that very moment.  Not in 2 seconds, not 2 minutes ago, NOW.  His Dad thought that was fine, his Mum didn’t, as he had a drink for after the ride (I know, I didn’t understand how the two were similar either).  It was a bit funny (probably not so much for them).  Also, I discovered that the Cadbury family were Quakers, and they built swimming baths and things for their employees.  They were nice folks.

Then, on Saturday, The Boy took me for another birthday surprise – this one included a bus trip to Cambridge, and a small amount of shopping.  I was given an envelope with ‘Spending Money’ written on it, and was told that the money was for me to spend on whatever I wanted, as long as it was spent on Saturday – anything that I didn’t or couldn’t spend, would be put towards our ‘House Fund’.  I had great plans, thinking that I’d spend half the money, giving the rest to our savings.  I gave The Boy £13 back, which was not exactly what I’d had planned…but he seemed happy that I’d bought some pretty things (although he did look at me in the first shop we went in and ask if I was ok – I didn’t know what to do with myself, or where to start.  For example, I picked up a knee length skirt that looked like something my Gran used to wear, as I thought it was a pair of culottes.  Why it would be better if they were culottes, I have, literally, no idea).  I did, however, manage to buy a lovely cream jacket in a size 8.  I haven’t been working really hard at the gym or anything, it just didn’t have buttons or any need doing up in any way (and it was either that or a size 20). The Boy had also remembered that I mentioned  lovely restaurant called Browns about 4 months ago, and took me there for lunch.  I offered him some of my food, but by the time he wanted to take me up on the offer, it had all gone.  And he didn’t even mind.  He’s possibly the best boyfriend ever. 

Saturday night was taken up with a night out with my girlie chums, where there were some very special moments.  For example, I waxed lyrical for several minutes about the fact that toilet doors now have coat hooks on the back – I was wearing the  cream jacket over one of my pretty playsuits, and didn’t fancy putting it on the nasty, dingy floor when I went to the loo.  I didn’t realise that I was THAT excited about it…

Also, listening to people chatting each other up whilst standing at the bar is possibly the most awkward thing EVER.  Especially when one asks the other if they’re ‘just looking for fun’, and then puts both their thumbs up in a cheesy fashion.  CRINGE.  Twice.

All in all, it was a rather marvellous night (and not just because an ex-soap star who lives near the town was out.  On a related note, I felt really sorry for him.  There he was, out for a few drinks with his friends, and people kept bothering him.  A LOT) and was almost worth the photo that is currently hanging around on the internet which shows my control pants and fake tan stained bra in all their glory (I’m not entirely sure HOW my friend got that particular camera angle – I may suggest to her that she consider a paparazzi based career change), and the 2 day hang….I mean…food poisoning.  Almost.

Then, last night, I went to see The Boy, to watch the most recent Star Trek film.  I mean…um…insert your own cool film there.  And I stole his laptop to do some online shopping.  He looked a bit sad, and it made me think.  For the last 6 months, I’ve not had 1 eye on an online shop, or spent all weekend trawling around various towns and cities, for things that I don’t need, instead of paying attention to my brilliant friends and family.  So, you know, maybe I should carry on this blog, just to, you know, keep me in check…I’ll keep you posted.  (See what I did there?!)

I’d also just like to take a moment to say thank you very much for reading this – it’s really helped me through the pain! x (yep, that was a kiss, just for YOU.)


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