Animal antics

Hi All,

Please consider this a mini-post, with my proper weekly post to come tomorrow. There is a proper reason for this, I promise. Mainly that I can’t keep my eyes open for much longer (I’m about six minutes and 33 seconds away from comatose).

So, me and my Darling Sister decided to send Lovely Mum and Lovely Stepdad to York for their Christmas/Anniversary present, so they’ve left me to look after the house/plants/pets this weekend. Which started off quite nicely – I fed the cats, fed the dogs, The Boy came over and I fed him too, and no-one was ill. Then, however, myself and The Boy went to bed (we had an early start this morning, looking at more houses).

The dogs (Millie and Daisy, two ridiculously spoiled shih-tzus), decided that they didn’t want us to go to bed. They were quite vocal about this, with Millie barking every hour on the hour, and Daisy whining at the door as she tried to scratch her way through my bedroom door. I ignored them. I smacked them. I hit Daisy in the face with a pillow (although I didn’t really expect that to work). And I hissed that I hated them (although I didn’t really expect that to work either).

Nothing worked. As a result, I had about 20 minutes sleep, and The Boy and I acted like space cadets whilst we looked at houses, which I’m sure really impressed the estate agent.+-

I got my own back though – when I got home, I gave Millie and Daisy baths. Yep, cruel but fair. They’re both now sleeping quietly on the sofa; they need to get their strength up for what I’m sure will be a repeat performance tonight. Luckily, I don’t have work tomorrow or anything…


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