Wednesday’s Weighty Post

So, it was my first Slimming World session this evening (I know, shocking – I’ve reached the grand old age of 29 without having joined any sort of slimming class. That may go some way to explaining my somewhat squidgy bum, and unhealthy attachment to Guylian Chocolate Seashells).

Don’t get me wrong, I do weigh myself regularly. Well. Once a month. If I’m feeling brave. But being weighed during the session this evening was quite different. For example, there was nothing to gently lean my upper body on. Nor was there the option to gently rest one foot on the scale, while the other took most of my weight. And, to my astonishment, they started the scale at zero. Not slightly nudged to the left (only possible with my preferred old-fashioned, non-digital scales).

As a result, it was even worse than I feared – I thought I was going to vomit at one point. However, the wonderful lady who weighed me let me stare straight ahead instead of looking at the scale, and even reassured me that she wouldn’t add my starting weight to my log book (that’s right, you get a log book, and all manner of other literature that I’ll talk about in more detail in a later post…still trying to ‘digest’ everything) (see what I did there? It was a food joke. I know, my jokes get funnier.) and to just mention to the lady who weighs me next week that I don’t want to know how much I weigh, just how much I lose (or gain).

So, while I cannot confirm with any certainty that I do weigh less than a baby elephant, I’m hopeful that it’s still the case. Everyone in the room was lovely, which made the whole process somewhat easier to bear, but I am mortified I let myself get into this state. I’m often mortified at the things I let myself do, but this really takes the biscuit (as it were).

Anyhoo, the ordeal is over, and I’m currently feeling very positive about what to do next. The fridge has been pre-emptively stocked with jelly (which I’m reliably informed is just as good as Guylian Chocolate Seashells), and I’m currently working out this week’s meal plan. I fully expect this chirpy attitutude to last until approximately lunchtime tomorrow, when I realise I can no longer visit any of the food stations in the mall near where I work (the Caffe Nero withdrawal is set to be particularly unpleasant. Particularly as I’m currently smack bang in the middle of my latest loyalty card).

Wish me luck!


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