Wednesday’s Weighty Post…Week Two

Weight loss/gain this week: 4.5lbs lost
Total lost: 4.5lbs

So, in my first week of following the Slimming World ‘extra easy’ diet (sorry, ‘way of life’ or some such), I’ve lost 4.5lbs, which isn’t a bad start.

As well as my dresses starting to fit better, my skin is looking clearer (horrid dry skin on my chin has finally disappeared), and I feel much better in general. Don’t get me wrong, I still wake up repeatedly in the night, always fancy an afternoon nap, and it’ll be a long time before I’m dancing on tables, but I don’t feel anywhere near as sluggish as I did, or as disgusting, and it feels rather nice.

So, as much as I fancy a Wispa (and I really, really do), I think I’m going to remember how good I feel now, how awful I felt this time eight days ago, and how thoroughly spiffing I will feel in a month’s time. And then eat some sugar-free jelly.

One of my friends has joined me at SW (look at me learning the jargon) (can you call just the one acronym jargon?) and it’s like having my own personal cheerleader. Yet another reason to stick to it this week. Should be easy, The Boy and I are off to Yorkshire for a long weekend (all those hills, all those scones…).

In other, non-weight related news, The Boy and I have been watching ‘Fringe’ for the past few months. We are now three episodes from the end, and I’ve just (literally, this episode) become emotionally invested.

It’s going to be a rough finale.


Let’s go back to the start…

Oh hello there, long time no speak.

How’ve you been? How’s the family?

Lots has been going on since I last updated this blog. I won’t bore you with all the details (I’m sure you don’t want to hear what I do on an average Tuesday, for example), but here are some highlights:

The Boy and I (finally) moved in together; into a beautiful house with a damp problem, poor chimney ventilation and pipes that go bang in the night, purchased lots of upcycled furniture (mostly from Pip ‘n’ Mix, run by a fabulous wife and husband team) and are now incredibly happy, bickering about whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher/turn the bedroom light off/call the plumber.

We bought a cat, called her Oswin (after a character in Doctor Who, because we just keep getting cooler as the months and years go by) and treat her the way most people reserve for particularly pampered toddlers.

In the last year or so, the shopping ban has taken not so much of a back seat as a ‘in the boot of the car six vehicles behind’. I’ve become a bit of a retro fashionista, and have the wardrobe to prove it. I look forward to talking you through the intricacies of pin curls and snoods, the minefield of retro vs modern clothes sizing, and all manner of vintagey delights!

To tease you a bit (I know, I’m mean like that), here are some of the things I’ll be talking about in the coming weeks…

Dollie Mixtures, a lovely little vintage salon in Hitchin

Why going to Ikea on a Sunday is a Very Bad Idea (it’s a cliche for a reason…)

Lindy Bop, a website of wondrousness (as long as you like retro reproduction dresses)

Lady V London, as above

A passionate defence of why it’s okay to be a bit in love with Alan Rickman, even when he’s playing Snape in the Harry Potter films, greasy hair and all

The aforementioned Pip ‘n’ Mix

The prettiness and pitfalls of retro dresses (hint: Running down escalators feature heavily)

Also, one last thing…I’m starting my weight-loss journey (God, I hate that phrase – what I mean is, I’m fed up of being ‘The Chubby One’, so I’ve decided to get of my decidedly squidgy bum and do something about it) this week, so you should look forward to various food-based (or should I say, lack-of-food-based) rants in the coming months. It’s going to be one hell of a journey, but we’ll get there!